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"Team Ekhlass handles all the complicated techie stuff and this allows me to focus on coming out with new designs consistently"
Hisyam Aziz
Print Mudah
"If Team Ekhlass have slots available I recommend you to start working with them immediately"
Paul Beh
Terminus Bag
"I've spent a lot on courses and try to do everything myself and I overworked myself. Luckily I found out about Team Ekhlass and now I can run my business efficiently."
Uzair Yusof
Madu Ainsyah

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Why Ekhlass?

15 years of experience in Digital Marketing with > 27 clients

Specialised in fashion, food, and health products

We strive to achieve a 3X ROAS

100% KPI Achievement set by our clients

Executed over 5,000 successful campaigns

We provide business solutions and free consultation

What we do

Facebook & Instagram Marketing

Email Marketing

Landing page

Banner Creation

Video Creation

Ekhlass Academy

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We need 5 working days to complete the landing page ( provided all info and contents are given to us by you )

The FB & IG ads will start after 5 working days as well.

We offer affordable price for our trial package so that you test our abilities with very low risk involved.

If our services are able to yield you the results you always wanted and you want to scale your business to another level by increasing your ad spend budget, we will then offer you another Win-Win proposal.

We are a team driven by the data collected from testing different images, videos, copywriting, headlines, CTA buttons, and many more.

Our goal is to always reach at least 3X Return On Ad Spent.

Ekhlass wants the best for our clients. That is why the service that we provide is more unique than the rest.

We will create a High Converting Funnel tailored to your product so that there is a higher chance of conversions. We consistently monitor the Key Performance Indicators and make changed to the ads based on the data to ensure that our clients stay profitable. Ekhlass also provides constant support and ideas to further improve our client’s business and marketing strategy. Not to mention our monthly reports of the data collected and consultation on how we can improve it.

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